Peter W. Duncanson (1937 - )

Me - smiling slightly Me
I have two children: Hilary and Mark. Hilary is my daughter with my first wife Barbara.
Mark is my son with my second wife Carolyn.

I was born in and live in the U.K.

I am now retired after a career in electronics, computers and information systems, 1956 - 2000.
Carolyn Carolyn (1938 – 2007)
My parents - Olive and Eric My Parents photographed on a beach in Ghana, West Africa, in 1957.

Olive Duncanson (neé Webster)- from Perth, WA, Australia (1905 - 1998).

Eric Duncanson from Newcastle, NSW, Australia (1907 - 1994)

The circumstances of Eric Duncanson's life in the 1930s, as recorded in his diaries, memoirs and letters, provided the background and the inspiration for a novel by his grandaughter Clare George:   Cloud Chamber.

Photos of some local residents
Snowfall the night of 3rd/4th January 2008 near Lisburn and Belfast, Northern Ireland

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