The bird feeders

The feeders are from right to left: Each of these has a squirrel baffle on the pole or post.

In the next image the farthest, leftmost, feeder is obscured by the
bush at the left of the picture.

(August 2007)

Bird feeders, with snow (3:20 a.m. 4th January 2008) and clear of snow.
The baffles on which the snow is resting are 50 cm (20 in) diameter.

Fatball feeder:Fatball feeder (snow) Fatball feeder (no snow)
Bird table:Bird table (snow) Bird table (snow)
Seed feeder:Seed feeder 1 (snow) Seed feeder 1 (no snow)
Peanut feeder:Peanut feeder (snow) Peanut feeder (no snow)
Seed feeder:Seed feeder 2 (snow) Seed feeder 2 (no snow)

The snow on the squirrel baffles had vertical sides about two hours before the photos were taken. The snow settled under its own weight resulting in curved sides.

The bird table is used for feeding birds that normally feed on the ground. The feed used is a Softbill Mix. Before this arrangement the ground feeding birds were predated by cats. The squirrel baffle was fitted to prevent cats climbing up to the table. This was before there were any squirrels in the area.

Squirrels arrived in the area about two years ago. It became necessary to move the poles away from trees and bushes and to fit baffles so as to make it impossible for the squirrels to leap on to or climb up to the feeders.
The baffles are free to tilt.

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